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It's Häppchening, can you taste it?

Our sister venue Hofbräuhaus Melbourne in the heart of Chinatown takes on the traditional Bavarian cuisine. At The Hof Downtown we are stepping into a new World of modern Bavarian food. We combine our traditional recipes with modern techniques and create new flavours.

You will experience a new Bavarian cuisine which you’ve never seen before!


Our new menu offers the most delicious Bavarian bites. The so called “Häppchen” are the new contemporary Bavarian cuisine. Great to share and best with a Bavarian Bier. 

Bigger appetites can take on our famous crispy pork knuckle served with sauerkraut, mash, pork jus and mustard, or our range of different Schnitzels.

Not everything is meat in Bavaria! Vegetarian and Vegans will find a wide range of delicious options on our menu of the new Age of Bavaria!


Although Bavarian fare does traditionally focus on meat dishes, we do offer vegetarian and vegan options. Our Chefs are used to working with specific dietary requirements – so please enquire first about your specific dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate. 



The Bavarians have been serious about Bier for centuries! In 1516 they introduced the Reinheitsgebot Purity Laws. These laws stipulated that only three ingredients were allowed in the making of Bier – water, barley and hops.

Today, half a millennium later, those laws still apply to the brewing of the imported Biers we serve at our Docklands bar and restaurant.
Did you ever wonder why you always get a big head on your Bier at The Hof? Because that’s how a Bier is supposed to be served!


Bier lovers will relish in our ten imported Bavarian boutique beers on tap and cider drinkers will be quenched with Hof’s apple cider on tap.

The Hof is also the only venue in Australia to stock the Reisetbauer range of spirits and liqueurs.


We are very proud to recommend Arcobräu as our favoured tap Bier at The Hof Downtown.

At our Docklands restaurant and bar, our range includes ‘On Tap’ Bier – from light well balanced lagers and dark malt full flavoured lagers to cloudy pale ales and clear crisp pilsners we pour purely Bavarian. We also have a short list of the best bottled boutique Biers produced in Bavaria for your drinking pleasure including wheat Biers, dark ales, bock Biers and light lagers.