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We are very proud to recommend Arcobräu as our favoured tap Bier.

The Bavarians have been serious about Bier for more than 1000 years! In 1487 they introduced the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Laws). These laws stipulated that only three ingredients were allowed in the making of Bier – water, barley and hops.

Today, half a millennium later, those laws still apply to the brewing of the Biers we serve.

At The Hof Downtown our range includes ‘On Tap’ Bier – from light well balanced lagers and dark malt full flavoured lagers to cloudy pale ales and clear crisp pilsners we pour purely Bavarian. We also have a short list of the best bottled boutique Biers produced in Bavaria for your drinking pleasure including wheat Biers, dark ales, bock Biers and light lagers.

Embrace the true Bavaria at The Hof Downtown.

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