Melbourne’s Best German Bavarian Restaurant and Brauhaus

Break out the Lederhosen and prepare your taste buds, people. There’s a reason beer is referred to as the nectar of the Gods – because it’s the best. In fact, did you know that before Albert Einstein became famous for splitting the atom, he started a brewery that is now one of the biggest in the world? Did you also know about ‘The Battle of the Beer’, a 7-day clash in 7th-century Germany which involved several hundred thousand people, all fighting over whether light or dark beer was superior?

A German Bavarian bar stocking exactly what you should expect

Neither did we – actually, everything you just read was completely untrue. All but the part that beer is referred to as ‘the nectar of the Gods’. If you’re in agreeance and love beer even half as much as we do, you may need a spotter when you take a look at our brauhaus’ drinks menu because you’re likely to faint. We have a huge collection to tickle everyone’s fancy no matter what your tastes including Bavarian Weissbier, an unfiltered pale ale, a dark wheat beer and many more. Make sure you’ve done your fair share of bicep curls before you come, too, otherwise you’ll struggle to lift the 1-litre Maß to your lips. Our bar has lots more to choose from (wines, cocktails, etc.) but as a real Bavarian brauhaus thought we’d focus on what’s most important.

Mouth-watering food – mains and snacks

Bringing the essence of authenticity from across the world for your benefit, you’re sure to love the experience you have with us every time whether you’re here for a couple of lunch beers and snacks or you’re after some real Bavarian food for dinner. Das beste German Bavarian food has arrived at The Hof Downtown, a wonderfully genuine Bavarian restaurant found right here at the Docklands. Our menu is choc-full of traditional Bavarian delights including your choice of wurst and a whole lot more. From simple yet sensational snacks to heaping plates of food “to share” (wink wink), you’re sure to love it all.

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Location Information

Address: 737 Bourke Street Docklands 3008

Opening Times: Monday - Thursday: 12 noon - late
Friday: 11.30am - late
Saturday: 5pm - late

Our opening hours may change depending on Etihad Stadium events. Check out Facebook page for the most up to date opening times.